No FEAR (Audio English-Sub Spanish) motivation video quote

No FEAR advises us to take a moment to name all the fears that you have, one by one to develop a plan of action to break them.

You cant allow that those fears stop the goals that you want to accomplish.Your time is limited and you cant waste it. Don´t let others opinion to silence your inner voice. You have to be sure who you truly wants to become. People sense when you are afraid. When you break that mentality you will start doing things in a different way. You will speak better, you will work better, you will meet new people, you will find new ideas and you will start changing your circumstances.

No FEAR is a video that shows us how fear kills dreams and hopes. Think about your life in 5 years and how you want it to be. In order to achieve that you need to work now. This is the moment, this is YOUR moment to reach greatness. You can decide to use fear as a motivation impulse or as an obstacle to reach your goals. Fear can make you stop and kill all the aspirations that you have in life.

We want you to focus on your goals and the plan that you have. Its going to be a struggle. Things will get hard! But your courage will push you to develop the strength that you need. Think about why you are doing this because this will give you a stronger determination. You need to know WHY you will pursuit this dream. How are you going to leave your legacy. This is what you need to remain in the right direction.

If you combine this with a sense of urgency, you will surprise for all the achievements that you will have in s short period of time.


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